Website Content Locker

Content Locking Your Website

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What is a Content Locker?

The Content Locker is a tool which was invented by CPAlead, the parent company of, back in 2009. Essentially, the Content Locker is what we refer to as an overlay. This overlay can be inserted to any website on any given page.

What a Content Locker Does

By adding a Content Locker to your website or webpage, it causes the overlay to appear whenever someone attempts to visit your page. This visitor cannot proceed to access the content on your page without first interacting with the content locker. This is why we named it a content locker, because it locks access to content. In order to proceed forward, your visitor must successfully interact with an advertisement on the content locker. When this happens, you generate revenue and the visitor is able to proceed forward to their desired content.

How You and Your Website Visitors Benefit

The idea is a great one and serves as a pillar for our entire platform. In short, you’re letting your users take a minute or two of their time to interact with an advertisement instead of charging them a membership fee. The visitor gets a great deal since they are able to access your great content (be it an article, a video, music, photos or anything else) without ever having to spend a cent. It’s a win-win situation where everyone benefits.

How to Setup a Content Locker

The content locker can be setup by going to the menu on the left hand side of the page and selecting “LOCKERS”, from there you will want to select “Content Locker” and “Create”. Although the process is very simple since we’ve integrated an easy setup wizard, we’ll go through specifics on creating the content locker in a separate article and video.