Search Engine Optimization Tutorials

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Is a very popular term and a very important element of online marketing SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a very expansive term and one that many books have been written on. In this tutorial we are going to go over the basics.

Basics of SEO

The first thing that we need to cover his understanding what a search engine is to do that we will look at an example. The best example of a search engine would have to be the most popular one, Google. When you visit you do so in order to search for something online. Google’s underlying system is referred to as a “search engine”. This “engine” allows you to enter information into Google’s system and receive results. There are other search engines out there such as Bing (by Microsoft) and Yahoo! but both are a distant second to Google in terms of importance when it comes to generating traffic.

Before we continue, it is important to note that SEO covers both mobile and desktop traffic. So any SEO efforts you apply will help you generate revenue for both your desktop and mobile content lockers, file lockers or link lockers as more and more people will interact with your desktop ads and mobile CPI ads, both of which can generate revenue for you.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

So why is it important to understand SEO? Well, the better search engine “optimized” you are, the higher your ranking will be when someone searches a term relating to what you are promoting. Let’s say for instance I were to type in the word “car”. We refer to any word you search for as a “keyword” and how your site appears is based on your ranking for each respective keyword. If you searched for “car” It is very likely that you would see results including the major auto manufacturers. Auto manufacturers spend money to ensure that there are optimized for the keyword “car” along with several other keywords which relate to their brand since they know that their target audience will be typing these words into search engines and the higher their ranking, the more likely they will receive clicks and traffics. What do we mean by “ranking”? That refers to where you are displayed in results. When you search for a specific keyword, any site showing up on the first page has a very high ranking and as you know, you’re likely to click on terms that are on the first page. In fact, 98% of all clicks take place on the first page of a search result and this is why it is so important to rank well. That doesn’t mean you absolutely need to be on the first page, but that should always be your goal.

Ranking Keywords

What kind of “keywords” can you rank for? You’ll want to focus on what we refer to as “long-tail” keyword search. A “long-tail” keyword search is the term used to define the process of chaining multiple keywords together within a search. If you were to search for “organic blueberries in Texas” this would be a long-tail keyword search since it is very specific. On the other hand, searching for something like “blueberries” would not be long tail. The shorter your search term, the harder it will be for you to compete in most cases since it is very likely that others have already taken up the ranking and have done so for a long time. One thing that search engines consider when ranking, it isn’t the only factor, is how long you have been ranking. So a term like “car”, “food”, “money”, “music” or “photo” would all be examples of keywords that are very difficult to rank for. They are popular terms that have had websites ranking on them for ages. However, if last night there was a celebrity named “Joe Blue” who sang a song in Times Square that was named “Cool Song”, you may be able to take action.

An example of how this would apply to your desktop or mobile content locking efforts would be if you had a copy of the video that you took with your smartphone or found otherwise and listed your site or web page (or youtube / other social media) online with a target for “Joe Blue Cool Song Times Square”. Obviously, if you were to move quick, you could rank before there were competitors. The principals here extend much further of course. You could have a cheat video for a game, a recipe for a specific food item, a specific type of music. There are always opportunities with SEO and it is something you should focus on regardless of your content.

Once you start optimizing your promotions for SEO, you will also begin receiving visits to your promotion from people who are searching for terms relating to your keyword(s). As you receive more visitors to your page(s), you will have more people interacting with your desktop or mobile CPI ads and that means more revenue.

Build Your Knowledge

Always remember that SEO is something that is very easy to start and not at all something you should feel intimidated by. There is no end to SEO and the best strategy is to continue reading and learning as much as possible as the advancements and micro adjustments made by search engines are never ending. Being armed with the latest information can make all the difference in the world for an online marketer looking to generate revenue.

To get you started, here is a very helpful SEO guide for Beginners that you can download if you have a PDF viewer. Click here to download.

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