Monetizing YouTube Traffic

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Why Target YouTube Traffic?

Youtube is currently one of the best platforms for promoting your content and increasing the amount of revenue that you generate from your desktop or mobile content locker.

How to Monetize YouTube Traffic

In order to begin promoting your content on Youtube, the first thing that you are going to need is a Youtube account. From there, you will want to upload a video that relates to your content. In our tutorial video, we use an example where someone has created a “cheats” video for the game Clash of Clans. In this video the individual spends about 4 minutes showing others how to succeed in the game.

The way that he uses the video to generate traffic to a promotion of his is by adding link boxes within the video that pop up with messages which prompt the user to click. For example, in a video game walkthrough video you may include a text box that says “click here for the full guide” which would prompt someone to click so that they could visit your page for a more in depth guide. This method could, of course, be used with a variety of other promotions.

Let’s say that you have a song and it has become popular, you may want to play a preview (or the full song) then tell visitors that they can download the full version by following your link. Your link would then lead to a file locker or link locker where the visitor would need to interact with one of our desktop or mobile CPI ads in order to access your content. The same method could apply to a video where you find an interview or clip that others are interested in and let them know that they can access the “full” version by following your URL.

As we see in our video example, the individual also added a link to his page in the description of the video. This is also important as it allows you to leave a static link for others to follow as opposed to simply displaying a link box within the video itself.

Deliver Value

In short, you want to deliver value in your Youtube videos so that visitors are inclined to view it. You then use that opportunity to draw these users to your promotion where you will generate revenue. This method represents another winning solution for both web and mobile visitors as they get to see a quality video and find a link to your promotion (file locker or link locker) where they can obtain more of what they are interested in. If you’re looking to make money from sharing files or links, Youtube is a sure bet if you follow the steps that we have outlined.