Monetizing Twitter Traffic

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Content Locking Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic platform for broadcasting messages to multiple people who follow you. If you have a twitter account and have been active for a while, its likely that you have quite a few followers. The way to leverage Twitter for generating revenue with is to garner as many followers as possible then tweet out a message that promotes your page.

Share Links with Your Followers

Let’s say that you have a great music file that you have setup for download with one of our File Lockers. You can announce that you have a music file available for download at no charge then link to your page. If you need to save space, you can also use a link shortening service like when others see your tweet and decide to follow the link to your page, it will generate revenue for you each time they interact with an advertisement.

It's That Easy

You’ve likely seen people with tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of followers. Just think about how much revenue that can generate for you!

Twitter Promotion Tip!

As is the case when using any Social Media platform, we highly recommend that you include an image with any of your tweets which concern your promotion. Each photo is worth a thousand words and when you’re dealing with a platform like twitter, the amount of characters you can use in a single tweet are very limited. This makes including an image all the more important as you have a better chance of conveying a message to all of your followers this way. Do your best to find a high quality photo to include as lower quality or pixelated images will take away from your messaging and appear as unprofessional. If your promotional activity looks unprofessional, its unlikely that anyone will want to click to learn more about what you’re offering. Think of how you would feel if a company had blurry magazine ads, a broken sign or poorly made commercials. The same principals apply to online marketing. If you want to monetize your twitter traffic and get professional results, you need to adhere to a professional process.

Accelerate Your Growth

It should also be mentioned that Twitter allows you to purchase ads on their platform. While this is a far more advanced method of using twitter that requires some investment, it can also turbo charge your promotional efforts and allow you to take your monetization efforts to an entirely new level. Feel free to research and explore using the Twitter ad system once you’ve nailed the basics as it may help out quite a bit!