Monetizing Facebook Traffic

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Content Locking Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for connecting with friends, family and people you know. It’s also a great way to bring attention to your promotions and we want to help you understand how to monetize Facebook traffic.

Share Links with Your Friends

While we encourage you to be creative, there are a couple of very simple ways to use the Facebook platform as a Launchpad for your online promotional activity. The first way is very simple and we suggest that you update your status with a link to one of your pages (File Locker or Link Locker). You would want to describe the page so that people on your list who see the post know what is on there. You needn’t let anyone know that its your page unless you wish to do so as we keep all of your information private. For every person who visits and interacts with one of your advertisements, you’ll generate revenue.

Recommended: Pages and Groups

The next basic method which allows you to monetize Facebook traffic is one that we highly recommend. This method calls for you to create a fan page for your content, whatever it is. As you attract more people to like your page and become fans, you’ll have access to engaging them whenever you wish. This keeps everything separate from your personal profile and allows you to concentrate your efforts on building up a fan page by posting user friendly content. Whenever you wish, you can also post a link to one of the pages that you have with and each time someone visits then interacts with an ad, you’ll earn revenue. Many people find it very easy to accumulate tens of thousands of fans in a very short period of time. Think of all the potential revenue that may bring you!

When posting a status update, you should always consider uploading an image. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Regardless of what type of file locker or link locker you are trying to promote, the chances are that there is a good image that you can use to help your promotion. If it’s a video, you should consider posting a photo that previews the video. If it’s an album, you can post album art cover. The chances of grabbing someone’s attention increase exponentially when you use an image and it also instills confidence that you have something of high quality. Beyond that, it also stands out more in someone’s timeline if that is where they are seeing your message. Of course, do your best to provide a high quality image as well since it is a representation of your promotion.

Boost Your Facebook Page

Finally, once you have the basics down, we highly recommend looking into Facebook’s advertising platform. This is a topic that merits an entirely different tutorial section but it is worth beginning your journey to understand the ins and outs of Facebook’s advertising system and how it allows you to monetize your Facebook traffic.