Monetizing Your Exit Traffic

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What is the Exit Traffic Tool?

The Exit Traffic Tool is another great invention by and it is automatically applied to all or your file and link lockers. The way that it works is as follows: When someone decides to leave your page instead of interacting with your offers (aka advertisements), that represents potential revenue that is on its way out.

Why use it?

Instead of seeing that individual walk away, we setup our tools so that upon exit, they are prompted to stay on the page and presented with some great offers which range from coupons, to discount purchases or even an invitation to participate in a sweepstakes where they can win a prize. If they are willing to take a look, we generate an entirely new page with these promotions and offers. Should the visitor interact with any of them, you will once again earn revenue. This is a great feature as it allows you to capture revenue that otherwise would have been lost. We call it our Exit Traffic Tool.

Where is it used?

The Exit Traffic Tool is automatically applied to all content lockers on You can also use the tool by itself on your website.