Mobile Content Locking

Mobile Content Locking

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What is Mobile Content Locking?

Mobile traffic is the fastest growing category in the online world and represents and extremely lucrative option for online marketers. At we’ve invested a great deal of resources and technology to ensure that all of our affiliates have the most powerful ad technologically advanced mobile tools at their disposal. Our tools allow you to monetize your content through the use of ads that are referred to as mobile CPI. CPI stands for cost per install.

Creating a Mobile Content Locker

Setting up your mobile locker is very simple to do. However, before proceeding forward it should be noted that mobile optimized lockers, or what we refer to as a mobile app wall, is automatically created for each and every single file or link locker in our system and does not require any action on your end. With that said, it is recommended that you customize your mobile app wall as this will allow you to provide your visitors with a custom tailored experience and increase your potential for generating greater revenue.

Customizing Your Mobile Locker

To customize your mobile app wall / mobile locker while creating a file or link locker, you need to select the mobile settings tab from the top of the page.

If you wish to customize the mobile locker of an existing file or link locker, you would need to select “manage” under “File Locker” or “Link Locker” from the menu on the left hand side of your page. Then, once you are able to view all of your various lockers, you would select “Settings” then “edit”. You are now in the same place you would be when creating a locker and would need to select the “mobile settings” tab at the top of the page.

Mobile Content Locking Options

You will now be provided with a number of different options with which to customize the appearance of your mobile app wall and the way that it interacts with your visitors. While many of these features include selecting themes, colors and the messaging that you wish to display, you are also given the ability to select how many mobile CPI ads your visitor needs to successfully complete. In internet marketing terms, we would say that you can choose how many conversions are required. Remember, a conversion is any successful interaction with an ad (aka offer) whether it is web based ad or a mobile CPI ad.

Advanced Mobile Locker Theme Options

Finally, at the bottom of your page, you will see an option to use our advanced customization tool, theme roller. The video below will show you how to customize your mobile locker theme.

Finding The Top Mobile CPI Offers

Our system will automatically show the best CPI offers for your traffic, but if you would like to see a list of the current top mobile CPI offers visit