Link Locking Introduction

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What is Link Locking?

Link Locking is something that you do in order to restrict access to a URL. When someone wants to access that URL (aka link) they must interact with one of our web advertisements (or mobile CPI ads) in order to proceed. Doing so generates revenue for you.

Finding The Right Web or Mobile Content to Lock

Link Locking is a great option for monetizing your web and mobile content as it is very simple to setup given that you do not require a file or a website. Let’s discuss an example of link locking to help you better understand. Let’s say that you find a very interesting video online that you think others would like to view. A great way of generating revenue online would be to take the URL that video and create a link locker for it. In order to be successful, you would also want to use our tools to create a page that goes along with your link locker which compliments the URL that you are locking. So let’s say that you’re locking access to a video about funny animals, you may want to include animal images on your page that you create with us. You would then want to promote your link by sharing it with others through social media, on a website, via a youtube video or any other way that allows you to reach out to people online. Your promotion to them could be something along the lines of “click here to see the funniest animals ever!” once they click, they will land on the link locker and be required to interact with one of our web advertisements or one of our mobile CPI ads which we place on our mobile lockers. After successfully completing an interaction with an ad, they would go forward to viewing your content.

Make Money from ANY Webpage

Of course, you needn’t limit yourself to videos, you can lock links to music, photos, articles or anything that you think others would want access to. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages with link locking is that you can create new promotions quickly and easily while capturing things that are on trend and interesting to people around the world. For example, if something happens in the media and you find a unique video covering it then you may have an immediate opportunity to monetize the content and generate some revenue off of the public interest.

Why Choose Link Locking?

Overall, Link Locking is a very powerful yet user friendly option for monetizing both web and mobile content. Visitors to your page take a short moment to interact with your advertisements and are able to access the exact content that they are looking for while you generate revenue.