File Locking Introduction

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What is File Locking?

File Locking is, as the name suggests, when you have a page that you create within and you use it to lock access to a specific file. This specific file can be anything, a video, music, photos, an article detailing how to play a video game or cheat, a piece of software – whatever you believe may be enticing to a web visitor since the goal is to have them interact with one our ads / offers to gain access to said file as this process will generate revenue for you. The image below is a File Locker.

What does a File Locker Look Like?

As you can see in the File Locker above, the affiliate has locked access to a homemade house music album. It is likely that this affiliate promoted this File Locker in multiple areas and attempted to target those who may be interested in this genre of music. The affiliate may have also created a website or youtube video promoting their homemade mix and left a message that the full version could be downloaded by visiting their page on

What happens after the visitor clicks the download button?

When a visitor clicks on download, they will encounter our offer / ads panel. In order to proceed to their download, they must first “unlock” the content by successfully interacting with one of the offers on the survey panel. This is why we refer to it as File Locking. The file is “locked” until an interaction has been completed.

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Why Choose File Locking?

File Locking is an extremely effective way of generating revenue online since it provides visitors with a great deal of value. In today’s online environment, people are reluctant to pay for online content as they feel it can or should be obtainable without having to perform a monetary transaction. However, File Locking does not require a payment for the premium content that is locked. Rather, you are only asking that the visitor take a brief moment to interact with an offer in order to access the content that they desire. In short, File Locking provides a fantastic value equation to web surfers.