Create File Locker Using Beginner Setup

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Find a File to Lock

You need to find your content. It has to be something that you think other people might be interested in. This can be a photo, a video, a news article, a piece of software or anything else that might catch someone’s eye and be interesting enough to them that they would be willing to take a minute out to interact with an ad.

Create a File Locker

Once you’ve found your content and have the link to it, you need to create a “File locker”. To do this, you log into your account and from the menu on your left hand side, you select “LOCKERS”, underneath that you’ll see “File lockers” and you will want to click on that tab. Finally, you’ll see two options “Create” and “Manage”, you’ll want to click on “Create”.The following image should help demonstrate what you need to do (Remember: the goal is to click on “Create”)

After clicking Create, you'll be presented with a menu to select Beginner Setup, Normal Setup, or Advanced Setup. Select 'Beginner Setup'.

This page asks you for some details. The first field requires that you name the page you’re working with. Let’s assume that your link is to a video on a celebrity and it’s called “Hollywood Exclusive”, you would put that in the page title field. Your name might be something different like “Cute Puppy”, “New Song By ABC” or whatever else you have for content. That’s completely ok, use whichever title makes sense.

The next field is for your own reference purposes, you’ll want to name the File locker so you can remember it. Use any name there. Then we have the field that says “URL to Lock”, this is where you will paste the link to your content. Underneath, you’ll want to check off the box that says “Display Offers after the download/access button is clicked”

For “Unlocking Instructions” you can use the example text provided or your own. The idea is that you’re telling the user that they need to successfully interact with an advertisement before proceeding to their content. The messaging is important since the right wording instills confidence in your visitor so feel free to use the default message in the beginning.

Design your File Locker

Before creating, you have the opportunity to polish up the look and feel of your page. A page that looks good and matches the content you’re linking to will generate exponentially more revenue than a basic looking page.

To customize the look and feel of your page, click on the Style Settings tab at the top of the page.

Once you’re comfortable with the way it looks, you’re ready for your final step! If you ever need to make changes, you can always use the menu on the left hand side to select “Manage” under “File lockers” instead of choosing “Create” like you did earlier.

*Remember, you can create as many lockers as you like. In fact, the often have dozens to hundreds of different lockers as more lockers can help you target a bigger audience.

Share the Link to Your File and Earn Money

The final step calls for you to take the link to your “File locker” page and share it so that people visit your page. This can be done through any number of ways. Some of the more popular methods are sharing the link through Social Media, Email, Blog, your website, or YouTube.

To learn more about different ways to promote your link, please click the 'Getting Traffic' tab.