File Locker Advanced Setup

Note: this video shows the creation of a link locker in advanced mode, which is very similar to creating file locker in advanced mode.

Advanced Setup for Creating a File Locker allows an unparalleled level of customization on all of our link locking pages. If you have a custom HTML code and CSS markup that you want to use, you are free to enter it into our system for use with your page. What’s more is that we will host the page containing your code for you at no additional cost.

Creating a File Locker Using Advanced Setup

In order to implement your custom HTML code, please do the following. From the menu bar on the far left hand side of your screen, you will need to select “LOCKERS”, from there you will choose “LinkLockers” then you will select “create”.

Once you do this, you will be given a menu with three different options for creation. You will need to select the “advanced” option.

Now that you have selected the advanced option, you will come to a page where need to fill in some basic information on your link locker as you would in any other mode. You will complete the required fields then, in order to implement your custom HTML & CSS code, you will select the tab at the top of the form that says “HTML & CSS”.

On the HTML & CSS page, you will have two separate spaces where you will be required to paste in your HTML & CSS code. Once done, you will see some notes below the area in which you pasted your HTML & CSS code. Please read through this and add any required code or tags as this small items are critical to ensuring that your page functions properly. Once you are done, you can create and preview your page. The final steps will see you answer whether you’re running adult based traffic or regular traffic. Answer this question and accept our terms of service then you will be done.

Install Purchased Templates

If you wish to use any of the templates that you have acquired through our marketplace, you will be able to access them from the drop down menu at the top of the screen which says “Use templates found on the marketplace”.