Content Locking Awards

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Finding Your Awards

From the dashboard, you’ll click on “Awards” within the left pane.

Monthly Awards

You’ll now see monthly points and lifetime points. Monthly points show you the amount of points that you’ve accumulated within the present month, which count towards our “monthly awards” and accumulate as part of your “lifetime awards”.

Lifetime Awards

Lifetime a points show the overall amount of points you’ve generated through your lifetime with . You can redeem these points for “lifetime awards”. It is important to note that both monthly and lifetime awards have a unique list of awards.

Task Awards

As you scroll down the page, you’ll be able to see a list of tasks that you can perform to receive additional rewards. It is highly recommended that you perform each and every one as they are very simple to do but yield a large amount of points.

Redeem Awards

Moving further through this section, you will see a list of available awards that you can redeem. If, at any point, you wish to redeem one of your rewards, simply click “redeem”. When redeeming a bonus, it will immediately take effect.